Popular Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches With Red And Blue Bezels

Many global travelers and someone who usually needs to go abroad on business are fond of the function of GMT and they always pay more attention to the GMT wristwatches. Therefore, there’s no doubt that the new Rolex GMT-Master II fake with black dial had attracted much attention from the travelers on it was launched. Rolex released another GMT-Master with red and blue bezel in 2014, however, many one couldn’t afford them with higher price for they were made from white gold. The new knockoff watch with Oystersteel case must be a surprise to them. The model made from Oystersteel will be much cheaper than the versions of precious metal, but they look charming and attractive too.

The white luminescent coated hands and hour markers are contrast to the black background.
Oystersteel Case Copy Rolex GMT-Master II

The new timepieces with red and blue bezels are manufactured with low yields for the watchmaking craftsmanship of the distinctive ceramic bezels are very complicated, especially the red. Even so, many watch lovers are willing to wait for the unique models, from which we know the charm of the new models clearly.

The precision of the Rolex has been guaranteed by the self-winding mechanical movement manufactured by Rolex.
Self-Winding Mechanical Fake Rolex

40mm Rolex imitation watch features a black dial adorned with the classic shape of hour markers, and the Cyclops lens over the date window is set at 3 o’clock, which could be regarded as an important iconic feature of Rolex. It is very convenient to the global travelers to trace the local time, as well the second time zone of his hometown. With this function, they don’t need to wear two pieces of the wristwatches at same time. In order to distinguish this one from the white gold version, Rolex has fitted a different bracelet on this model. The accuracy has been guaranteed by a new-generation movement calibre 3285, which offers greater resistance to shocks and to temperature variations.