Introducing The Tourbillon Gravity Fire, A New Micro-Rotor Tourbillon From Replica Armin Strom Watches (Details & Pricing)

Armin Strom is a relatively young brand that for the past four decades has been creating watches that use skeletonizing to offer a unique take on the balance between mechanics and aesthetics. Today we have a new creation from Replica Armin Strom Watches, the Tourbillon Gravity Fire, which combines a one-minute rotating tourbillon and an automatic winding system that utilizes a micro rotor. Both are shown off on the dial side of the watch, giving the wearer a full view of what is going on inside.

Replica Armin Strom Tourbillon Gravity Fire

A few weeks ago, Blake gave everyone a look at the Replica Armin Strom Gravity Watches with his Week on the Wrist review. Here you can find more about the history of Armin Strom, the role skeletonizing plays in the brand’s design ethos, and how the watches actual wear on the wrist. But for now, suffice it to say that Cheap Fake Armin Strom Watches are all about revealing the mechanical underpinnings at every glance.


The Tourbillon Gravity Fire starts with an 43.4mm case made of Replica Armin Strom 18k Rose Gold Watches and a contrasting black dial with rose gold components revealed through the various openings. These components include the power barrel and micro rotor winding system on the right, and the one-minute tourbillon on the left side. This means that when wearing the watch you can see the transmission of power from the winding rotor to the barrel and back out to the tourbillon. The whole pathway is revealed.

The Armin Strom Tourbillon Gravity Fire is limited to only 50 pieces with a price of $148,000.