Shawn Yue And His Favorite Precious Antique Rolex Replica Watches

Shawn Yue, a famous film star and singer in Hong Kong, China, has great enthusiasm on vintage Rolex. He often posted his photos with his favorite watches to Instagram, a famous social media. For his big influence, the watches even the shoes, the tea he ever drank would become popular. Today I will introduce the delicate fake Rolex watches to you.

It hasn’t ever been the secret that Shawn Yue loves vintage Rolex. On the picture, he wore a Rolex Submariner imitation with black bezel. The strap has been changed into the one made from NATO material which is more suitable for hot summer. He has many friends and usually posts the pictures taken with them.

He has great passion on the Rolex Submariner with traditional and vintage style.
Black Dials Copy Rolex Submariner

The watch on this picture is another Submariner he loves. It is Rolex Submariner ref.5513 with the symbolic characters of the collection. The distinctive hour markers allow the wearers to read the time clearly and easily. However, the design of the hour markers of this earlier knockoff watch with black dial are different from today’s version for there’s no white gold circles around the marks. The other difference is of the bidirectional rotatable bezel for this one is made from aluminum.

This model has been adorned with a ice-blue hands which is quite different than today's Submariner
Oystersteel Bracelet Rolex Replica

Obviously, he favors in each one very much as he love the culture of Rolex and he is almost crazy about the design and craftsmanship of Rolex Submariner. He had ever spared the history of the famous Paul Newman Rolex watch.