Richard Mille RM037 With Integrated Bracelet Limited Edition Replica Watches

In case you didn’t notice, we spent the past week in Dubai for the incredible Dubai Watch Week. There were many things to do and see (more on that later), but the watches and the people were of course highlights of the trip. We saw Richard Mille replica watches from almost every brand you can think of, from Moser & Cie and TAG Heuer to MB&F and Rolex, and of course Richard Mille. It’s no secret that Richard Mille is big in Dubai and there were plenty on display during Dubai Watch Week (including on the wrist of a lady next to me during an engraving class with Bovet). But the coolest Richard Mille for me was the one on the wrist of Amanda Mille-Bey, the daughter of Richard Mille himself.

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We had the pleasure of meeting the gracious Mrs. Mille Bey several times throughout the week. She moved to Dubai a few years ago to help with client relations in the Middle East, particularly for female clients. Upon meeting her at the boutique she showed us a selection of products ranging from the insane RM19-01 Tourbillon (which retails for a cool $1.3 million) to the RM67-01. But one thing that I have never seen before was on her very own wrist – an RM037 with an integrated bracelet. The bracelet is something you don’t often see on the RM037, but you may have noticed it on the RM07-01.

The version on Mrs. Mille Bey’s wrist is in white gold with one of the most impressive integrated bracelets I have ever seen. It has articulated armadillo-like links that take some getting use to at first but the construction is pretty remarkable. You can read more about Richard Mille online.